Ambati Rambabu reaction after Mamata Banerjee spilled beans on Babu’s Pegasus Link

Amaravati: MP Ambati Rambabu says the true colors of the TDP came to light after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee spilled beans on Pegasus software and demanded an investigation into the matter by central and state governments. States.

Mamata Banerjee has been adamant that the Chandrababu government is in possession of the software, he told media here on Friday.

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She revealed to the Assembly that the Andhra government had the Pegasus software during Naidu’s regime and added that she was neither a friend of YSRCP nor an enemy of Naidu and in fact they were both together in the Grand Alliance in the 2019 elections.

The MLA said that although YSRCP made no allegation against TDP regarding the Pegasus software, TDP was scared and reacted aggressively, raising doubts about them. He said Naidu should condemn Mamata Banerjee’s statement and file a defamation suit against her.

The MP expressed doubts that Naidu purchased spyware through private entities rather than government institutions, and he reminded Naidu that he had a history of unethical politics when managing institutions. He said that the YSRCP had already informed him that the TDP was tapping phones in the previous government and that the proof was coming out now.

Harry D. Gonzalez