AS Watson Launches AI Tool To Help Connect Clients With Best Matching Foundation

HONG KONG SAR – AS Watson Group, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, announced the launch of its Foundation Finder in its mobile app to help customers identify the perfect shade and color of their background complexion.

“Most beauty enthusiasts have a hard time finding the right shade because we normally apply a foundation tester to our hands,” said Malina Ngai, CEO of AS Watson. “In most cases the skin color of the hands is slightly different from the skin color of the face. We know this is the weak point of customers and it prompts us to work on a solution. Our digital eLab team developed this with the makeup artists at Watsons. I’ve tried it and I’m sure our clients will love it. “

First introduced in Watsons Hong Kong and Malaysia, AS Watson’s flagship health and beauty brand, Foundation Finder will then be rolled out to other Asian markets, including the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, in the hope for further expansion in Europe. It now offers its customers up to 700 foundation products from more than 30 brands. The feature will first appear on the Watsons mobile app and then expand to digital gadgets in-store.

Developed by AS Watson’s own in-house digital agency, eLab, the Foundation Finder delivers a seamless O + O shopping experience to its customers, using its advanced facial analysis technology. Cutting-edge technology helps customers find the foundation that best matches their skin type and complexion.

How it works ? Just take a selfie and answer a few questions about your skin condition and makeup preferences. The app will then recommend the foundations best suited to client needs. Customers will also have the option of choosing a lighter or darker shade depending on their preference. The feature is digitally connected to the Watsons online store, so customers can immediately order their recommended products and have them delivered to their doorstep or picked up at the store. Customers are also encouraged to save the recommendation via email for later reference when visiting stores.

“We pioneered the application of augmented reality (AR) technology in our O + O experience for beauty lovers,” said Ngai. “By simply using our Watsons app on their smart phones, they can try out different cosmetics and hair colors. Customers are now addicted to their phones, and being able to build a relationship with them involves both our physical point of contact as well. store as well as digital. Being relevant and fun is the key to adding value to the daily lives of our customers. “

Harry D. Gonzalez