AT&T denies link to stolen information database

The Record, a news site from cybersecurity company Recorded Future, reports that telecommunications company AT&T has refuted claims that it had any connection to a database of stolen information discovered by the cybersecurity company. Hold Security. Hold Security reported that the 3.6GB file was discovered on a dark web platform and included social security numbers and other information belonging to 23 million Americans as well as 22.8 million addresses. unique emails. The group linked the database to AT&T based on the presence of email addresses ending in, and in addition to links to an AT&T broadband service and the location data discovery linking information to all 21 states. in which AT&T provides services. An AT&T representative said the information may be related to a previous data incident at another company. It may be associated with a previous data incident at a credit reporting agency. Potentially affected customers would have received a notice at the time, directing them to the credit reporting agency for further information. We have a dedicated team that performs forensic analysis on data such as this and based on that work we can determine whether the data came from us or elsewhere, the spokesperson said. society.

Harry D. Gonzalez