Chainlink (LINK) price will increase 10x by the end of 2022! The analyst maps the entry and exit levels

Chainlink has overtaken several cryptocurrencies with its impressive market capitalization over the past week. The token has recorded increases of over 13% every week while showing no signs of weakness.

LINK had a market value of $3,529,540,526 at press time and was trading at $7.18.

Since its rise in the rankings, many changes have taken place in the LINK community. Recently, whales have taken more interest in it, which could be the reason for the current price spike.

Increase in development activity

Chainlink’s development has recently accelerated with 11 integrations of three Chainlink services on five different chains: BNB, Ethereum, Phantom, Polygon, and Solana.

These alterations to an ecosystem are always a positive sign as they demonstrate the network developers’ commitment to improving it. Interestingly, this matches the value of LINK.

Parameter upgrade: Is a 10X surge possible?

  • LINK’s price had risen from $7 to $9.5 in the first half of August. However, it continued to decline, reaching a local low of around $6.2 at the end of the month.
  • As a result, analysts like Michal van de Poppe say the $6-$8 price range Chainlink is trading in represents a “lifetime opportunity” for investors.
  • According to the researcher’s report, the 4-hour real-time technical analysis, which analyzes pivots, oscillators and moving averages, also shows that Chainlink is a great buy right now.
  • Chainlink’s average price is expected to hit $77.08 in December 2025, an almost 11x increase from the price of $7.16 at press time.
  • Another notable prediction made by the same panel was that Chainlink would hit $38.54 by December 2021; Surprisingly, LINK actually hit this level in November.

Analysis of entry and exit points

Chainlink’s valuation is up 12% from the previous week. However, over the same period, address activity has plummeted. Data from ITB shows that over the past seven days, the number of new addresses joining the network has decreased by 6.44%, while the number of active addresses has decreased by 9%.

In other words, when an address actively participates in a successful transaction, it is said to be active. New addresses, in turn, serve as an indicator of the number of recent arrivals in the ecosystem.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the two numbers, the better, as they indicate improved trader/investor engagement. Moreover, the prolonged recession is not encouraging and could hamper the current uptrend of Chainlink.

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Harry D. Gonzalez