Chrome 90: How to Directly Link to Specific Text on a Web Page

With the release of Chrome 90, Google is rolling out a new browser feature that lets you create a shareable link to a section of text you’ve highlighted on a webpage. Here’s how to use it.

Sometimes when you share a web page link with someone, you just want to draw their attention to a specific passage or phrase to make your point, rather than having them read the entire article.

Last year, Google created an extension called Link to Text Fragment that does just that. Recognizing its usefulness, the tech giant integrated the feature into its browser to coincide with the release of Chrome 90.

To use the feature, visit a webpage and simply highlight the text you want to link to, then right-click and choose Copy link to highlight in the drop-down menu.


The “Copy link to highlight” option

This will generate a URL that includes a pound (#) symbol. All you have to do is share the link with someone, and when they click on it, they will be sent directly to that part of the web page with the specific passage highlighted, as shown below.


The shared link in action

Unfortunately, Chrome-generated highlight links only work in Edge and Chrome. Therefore, users running other browsers will not see the highlighted text. However, they will still be sent to the webpage in question, so the link isn’t completely useless for Safari or Firefox users.

Google says the Copy Link to Highlight feature is currently rolling out to desktop and Android devices, and will soon be available on iOS. If you’re using the desktop browser and have updated to Chrome 90 but don’t see the option yet, you can manually enable it by going to Chrome://flags and allowing the copy-link-to-text flag (use the search field to find it).

Harry D. Gonzalez