Clinton Campaign Paid to Infiltrate Trump Servers to Link Trump to Russia, Durham Report Says – Cardinal News

Former acting attorney general under Donald Trump, Matt Whitaker, has joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss Durham’s latest investigation. YouTube Tips ⓘ

Fox News reported Sunday morning February 13, 2022 that a filing by United States Department of Justice Special Counsel John Durham reports that the Clinton campaign paid a tech company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower. , and later at the White House. , in order to establish an “inference” and a “narrative” to bring to government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia. The new Clinton campaign payment allegation adds to a previous allegation that a Clinton campaign lawyer failed to disclose he worked for a client when he demonstrated alleged evidence of communications between the Trump campaign and Russia.

According to Fox News, Durham filed a petition on Feb. 11, 2022, relating to potential conflicts of interest related to representing former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman, who was accused of making a false statement to a federal agent. Sussman has pleaded not guilty (see the DOJ statement at the bottom of this article).

The indictment against Sussman alleges he told then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in September 2016, less than two months before the 2016 presidential election (Donald J. Trump v. Hillary R. Clinton), that he was not working “for any client”. when he requested and held a meeting in which he presented “purported data and ‘white papers’ that allegedly demonstrated a secret communication channel” between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, which has ties to the Kremlin. The Durham Report alleges that Sussman forwarded allegations to the FBI on behalf of two clients – only named in the Durham Report as “Tech Executive 1” and a US-based internet company “Internet Company 1”.

U.S. Justice Department special counsel John Durham has been authorized to “thoroughly review the government’s intelligence gathering regarding the Trump campaign’s interactions with the Russians” by reviewing government documents and by requesting voluntary statements from witnesses.

In December 2020, Attorney General William Barr revealed to Congress that he had secretly appointed John Durham’s special counsel on October 19, 2020. Durham continued to operate in that capacity after resigning as U.S. Attorney. The US Department of Justice’s first official report on spending on the special investigation showed that it spent $1.5 million from October 19, 2020 through March 31, 2021. In December 2021, CNN reported that the Durham’s investigation into the Russian investigation had cost $3.8 million.

In a 60 Minutes interview, Lesley Stahl presses President Trump on the rise in coronavirus cases and his priorities if he is re-elected. Stahl also speaks with Mr. Trump’s running mate, Vice President Mike Pence. [NOTE: This video begins at 13:50 when former President Donald Trump tells Leslie Stahl “they spied on my campaign.] YouTube Tips ⓘ

Beginning in 2017, President Donald Trump and his allies alleged that the FBI’s investigation, leading to the Mueller investigation, into possible contact between his associates and Russian officials was a “hoax” or “hunt.” witches” launched without foundation by his political enemies. Several media sources denounced Trump’s claim as hyperbole. In April 2019, Attorney General William Barr announced that he had launched a review into the origins of the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election (Trump v. Clinton) and it was reported in May 2019 that he had assigned Durham to lead the investigation several weeks earlier.

Hillary Clinton in Arlington Heights for a memorial service for a lifelong friend at the Metropolis Ballroom the same morning Jeffrey Epstein’s death was announced on August 10, 2019.
Bill Clinton in Arlington Heights for a memorial service at the Metropolis Ballroom the same morning Jeffrey Epstein's death was announced on August 10, 2019
Former President Bill Clinton in Arlington Heights for a memorial service at the Metropolis Ballroom the same morning Jeffrey Epstein’s death was announced on August 10, 2019.



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Grand jury accuses DC attorney of making false statements to FBI in 2016 regarding alleged communications between Trump Organization and Russian bank

Special Counsel John Durham announced Thursday, Sept. 16, 2022, that a federal grand jury returned an indictment in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia charging Michael A. Sussmann, 57, a Washington-based attorney , DC, of ​​making a false statement. to the FBI on September 19, 2016. The charge in the indictment stems from a set of allegations made by Sussmann to the FBI regarding an alleged secret channel of communication between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank.

Sussmann was scheduled to make his first appearance in DC federal court as early as Friday, September 17, 2022. The court will schedule the appearance.

An indictment is simply an allegation and all defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a court.


As alleged in the indictment, on September 19, 2016, Sussman, an attorney for a major international law firm, met with FBI General Counsel at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. Sussmann had asked the meeting to provide the Advocate General with certain data. records and “white papers” that allegedly demonstrated a secret communication channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian-based bank. Sussmann, who previously represented the Democratic National Committee in a cyber hack, falsely told the attorney general that he was not bringing these allegations to the FBI on behalf of a client. This misrepresentation led the General Counsel to understand that Sussmann was providing information as a good citizen rather than as a paid lawyer or political operative. In fact, Sussmann collated and forwarded the allegations to the FBI on behalf of at least two clients, including an American tech executive and Clinton’s presidential campaign.

It is alleged that beginning in July 2016, Sussmann worked with the aforementioned US technology manager, other cyber researchers, and a US-based investigative firm to put together the data and white papers that Sussmann eventually came up with. provided to the FBI and the media. The technology manager, for his part, leveraged his access to non-public data at several internet companies and brought in researchers from a US university who were receiving and analyzing internet data under a research contract in Ongoing federal government cybersecurity designed to identify perpetrators of malicious cyberattacks and protect the national security of the United States. The indictment further alleges that researchers were tasked with exploiting this internet data to establish “an inference” and a “narrative” that would link then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to Russia, and which, according to the executive, would appeal to certain “VIPs”. The indictment also alleges that Sussmann, his law firm, and the chief technology officer coordinated with Clinton campaign officials and agents in these efforts.

It is further alleged that Sussmann’s misrepresentation misled FBI personnel and deprived the FBI of information that could have enabled it to more fully assess and uncover the origins of relevant data and analysis, including the identity and motivations of Sussmann customers.

The FBI ultimately determined there was insufficient evidence to support claims of a secret communication channel between the Trump Organization and the Russia-based bank.

This case is being prosecuted by Deputy Special Counsel Andrew DeFilippis and Deputy Special Counsel Michael T. Keilty, with support and assistance from other members of Special Counsel Durham’s team. The Special Counsel’s investigation is ongoing.

Harry D. Gonzalez