Comments from LaSalle residents eliminate a route for the LaSalle Link project

Ameren Illinois spokeswoman Kim Gross said one of the alternate routes for the LaSalle Link project will not be considered after receiving feedback from LaSalle residents. A route on a map that residents objected to would have followed US 6.

But the remaining two routes are still problematic as they pass through Rotary Park. Mayor Jeff Grove says he prefers a route that goes west behind the park entrance. City Engineer Brian Brown says he prefers the route past the park.

You can find a link to the map and more information about the project by clicking here. The route that will not be taken into account is highlighted in purple. The two alternative routes considered are highlighted in blue and orange. Brown says the city will discuss which of the two is less bad at affecting the park. It could also include combining the two routes at different points. The LaSalle Link Project will construct a third 138,000 kilovolt transmission line to connect the Corbin electrical substation in Oglesby to the North Utica electrical substation. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

Harry D. Gonzalez