Download Huawei Mate Xs 2 Themes [Link]

Download Huawei Mate Xs 2 Themes [Link]

The Huawei Themes app offers many themes to meet your expectations and also offers customizable options to customize it according to your preferences. Although it might get confusing at times to choose from this number of themes, that’s why we picked the best one for you.

Nowadays, everyone depends on their phone like never before. Not just from the outside, we all want our smartphones to look beautiful from the inside as well, hereby I want to draw your attention to the user interface. For this, there are a number of themes available online which you can try on your device to make it look great.

A theme helps you change the style of your operating systems such as lock screen, home screen, keyboard, icons, fonts, menu and other parts of user interface /UX. In this regard, the ‘Stars Secret EN’ theme is a perfect example.

This theme will make changes to all these parts of your phone’s user interface. The Stars Secret EN is a paid theme and can be downloaded from Huawei Themes (download link or scan the barcode below). However, you will have time to try out this theme before making the purchase and deciding whether to buy it or not.

About the theme: Stars Secret EN

If you like cartoons and the fantasy world of art then you will surely like this one, the theme has a purple background with a cartoonish guy standing in the middle of stars and a planet, probably Saturn. The wallpaper is inspired by the story “The Little Prince”.

The app icons are also completely different and show another piece of art. They suggest if they are made with bare hands and really elaborate the application. Moving on, the lock screen and home screen have the same wallpaper but it’s a bit blurry on the home screen.

Pre-installed basic apps such as Phone app and Contacts app adapt the same wallpaper in blurry state. Additionally, its quick settings have a purple background with highlighted toggles. These toggles turn sky blue when activated.

This was a brief description of the theme to understand its basics and you will learn more about it once you install this theme from Themes app. After making a purchase, it will cost you about 25.81 MB of data.

Harry D. Gonzalez