Find the missing link with JusticeConnect

JusticeConnect is a secure platform that makes it easy for law enforcement to share information and develop partnerships in a secure environment.

JusticeConnect provides tools for law enforcement organizations and personnel to share information and leverage each other’s knowledge. These tools include ways to form groups of shared interests or concerns, conduct research, disseminate information, or network with other professionals.

JusticeConnect is accessible through the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP). Users can easily create a JusticeConnect profile in minutes and then the user can access JusticeConnect with a single click on the LEEP homepage.

However, JusticeConnect is not automatically available to all LEEP users. LEEP users must update their profile settings to register for JusticeConnect.

How could your agency use JusticeConnect?

For example, a law enforcement agency located on a highway might find this effective in combating crimes such as interstate drug trafficking. Several different agencies may experience drug trafficking incidents along the highway. If each agency tries to engage in its own investigative and patrolling activities, the agencies are likely not to detect links to criminal activity. Coordinating with other agencies and sharing information about similar crimes of interest can increase the effectiveness of solving those crimes and improve public safety.

To be effective, your agency may decide to create a working group with other agencies involved. JusticeConnect provides tools to help make workgroups more collaborative. You can create a community that will include relevant agencies. You can do this easily by selecting “Create a Community” from the “Communities” tab at the top of the JusticeConnect homepage. Then you can customize your community with options like graphics, themed forums, and access controls. You can also create sub-communities with their own access controls.

A useful feature is the ability to create an activity and track progress. In the drug trafficking task force example, you can create an activity that examines research on peak drug trafficking hours. Then you can create the steps for developing a patrol schedule, communicating the schedule to members, and scheduling a time to evaluate the outcome. You or members can update activities, post additional information, or mark milestones as complete. You can assign activities to specific members or allow the group to perform activities.

You can also use a variety of other features and options to make JusticeConnect an effective tool for law enforcement. With JusticeConnect, users can:

  • Create communities of special interest, such as law enforcement in a certain geographic area, certain types of agencies, professionals involved in a certain case, or those interested in a certain topic
  • Copy the format or settings of an existing community
  • Post documents, graphics, or files that others can access
  • Follow, unfollow, contact or notify other users
  • Share information with other users via blogs, polls, surveys, forums and wikis
  • Create and update blogs for unlimited viewing or for subscribers

How do I start using JusticeConnect?

JusticeConnect is a standard feature for LEEP users. LEEP users can simply click on the JusticeConnect tab in LEEP to get started. For assistance, call the LEEP Help Desk at 888-334-4536 or email [email protected]

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