How to Share Google Photos and Videos by Creating a Public Link

You can share Google Photos and videos with your contacts very easily.

Google Photos is one of the most used photo and video backup services on Android smartphones. The storage not only keeps the photos safe for a long time, but also helps keep the device’s storage empty, ensuring that it performs to its potential and doesn’t suffer from any slowdowns. Moreover, you can access the media saved in Google Photos from any device by simply signing in with your Google account. Moreover, you can also share the videos and photos with other Google users, as well as people who don’t have a Google account using public links.

Here’s a handy guide to sharing your favorite images and videos on Google Photos

Guide to Share Google Photos with Anyone on the Internet

You can share photos or content with a user who doesn’t use Google Photos by creating a public link. Check the steps below

Step 1: Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone

Step 2: Select the photos or videos you want to share and tap the Share icon that appears

Step 3: Now create the share link and copy it.

Step 4: Next, open an app like WhatsApp or Gmail and paste the copied link.

Step 5: Click send and it’s shared.

Sharing Google Photos via Shared Albums

Sharing your photos via a link is convenient, but it might not be the most private method because anyone with the link can access the shared images or videos. Therefore, you can Google share through the in-app photo messaging service or through a shared album. If the recipient is in the same room, you can share heavy images and videos quickly and wirelessly using Nearby Sharing.

Step 1: Access the Google Photos app

Step 2: Tap the “Share” icon, then select “Create Shared Album”.

Step 3: Now give an album title and select photos and videos.

Step 4: When done, tap Share and choose the contacts you want to share Google Photos with

Step 5: And the selected recipients will then be able to access the shared album in their Google Photos app.

Share Google Photos with via in-app messages

Step 1: After opening the Google Photos app, select a photo and videos you want to share.

Step 2: Tap the Share button and find the Send section in Google Photos.

Step 3: Now choose the contacts you want to share the photos with and send them.

Share Google Photos with via Nearby Share (Android only)

This method is applicable when the receiver and sender are in the same room.

Step 1: Select photos and videos from Google Photos

Step 2: Select the Share tab and choose Nearby Share option

Step 3: Select the recipient and ask them to turn on nearby sharing and accept the request.

Step 4: Transferring photos and videos will start transferring.

Harry D. Gonzalez