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GUEST NOTE: Frame grabbers are an important component of many high-end devices, and their main purpose is to capture high resolution images in different settings. Frame grabbers are used in vision systems, dramatically improving image quality. If you need an industrial-grade machine vision system, chances are you also need one. camera link image capture with your device. In this article, we are going to discuss about frame grabber with how it works and what types of frame grabber would suit you best.

What is a Frame Grabber?

Frame grabbers are frequently connected to PC systems directly via conventional interfaces such as USB or Ethernet. New frame grabbers, among other things, can collect many inputs at once, manipulate images, and perform real-time compression. A frame grabber is a machine vision component that collects individual still images from a video stream, either analog or digital. Yet images are often taken digitally and displayed or transferred for analysis.

Why are capture cards important?

Frame grabbers remain the preferred method for obtaining high resolution digital photographs. This is becoming increasingly true as megapixel camera resolution improves and the need for high quality image capture increases. Frame grabbers are used for a number of applications, but one of the most common is to capture high resolution photos that would otherwise be impossible to capture without a frame grabber.

Without the need for a capture card, smart cameras can collect digital photos. When smart cameras were available, many thought the capture card was doomed. However, smart cameras can only successfully collect still images for low-end applications.

Frame grabbers, in essence, capture still images where smart cameras cannot. They are used in high resolution and high end applications to capture high quality images. Frame grabbers are essential components of machine vision systems used in the industrial sector. Many applications would be impossible to implement without the use of frame grabbers.

Types of capture card

Frame clamps come in different varieties and have different specifications. Here are some of the frame grabbers you can find:

Enter the Duo link

It is designed for two independent Camera Link Base configuration cameras, and you can use it on basic, medium and 72 or 80 bit cameras. You can easily use these capture cards with any camera link available on the market. This frame grabber uses the PoCL function, which means power over the camera link and is very useful for providing constant power. The Grab Link duo features 4 PCIe Gen x2 buses and 20 digital I/O lines for smooth data transfer.

Enter full link

These frame grabbers are designed for a full-configuration Camera Link camera and are very useful for any type of Camera Link 80-bit, 72-bit, Full, Medium or Base camera. This frame grabber uses an ECCO power system with Extended Camera Link cable length. The PCIe x4 bus ensures that the device can have a sustained speed of 850MB/s bandwidth. It has 10 digital I/O lines for smooth data transfer and is enabled with the Memento event logging tool.

Enter the Base link

It is one of the most popular frame grabbers that you can use with many camera links. This is a lighted version that is very easy to use and very affordable compared to its counterparts. It is mainly used for a Camera Link Base or Lite configuration camera and is directly compatible with most equipment you can buy in the market. It is supported by Power over Camera Link and has an Extended Camera Link cable length. It is equipped with a sustained delivery bandwidth of 200 MB/s for fast data transfer and has 10 sets of digital I/O lines.


In this article, we have discussed the uses of frame grabbers and how they work. There are different types of frame grabbers you can buy, such as Grablink duo, Grablink full, grab link base, and more, and you can choose one of them according to your preference. They are used for high image quality and resolution.


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