Kansas Police Link Minors to Water Cooler Case Involving Kansas Wesleyan and Bethany College Baseball – OutKick

The ongoing water cooler tampering investigation involving Kansas Wesleyan and Bethany College has brought to light new information. The Lindsborg Police Department issued a statement on Thursday afternoon saying the investigation was continuing, but no schools were involved.

“The Lindsborg Police Department has taken this incident seriously and has conducted over 60 interviews so far, collected several pieces of evidence, photographed the scene and followed up on various leads. Although the investigation is active and ongoing, it has been determined that no one associated with either college was responsible for the water cooler tampering.

On April 24, the Kansas Wesleyan baseball team contacted the Lindsborg Police Department to file a complaint that a foreign substance had been added to the water cooler given to them for use as a visiting team at the Bethany. Middle School. According to the police department, Bethany College then called to file a complaint as well, which is why they were among the victims listed on the criminal complaint. The incident had drawn attention after the KWS Barstool account posted a tweet on social media.

Based on the police department’s investigation, they determined that it was not paint thinner used in the incident, but rather “line paint” used for the terrain.

“Allegations have been made that the foreign substance found in KWU’s chiller water was paint thinner. Based on the information obtained through the investigation, it was determined that the foreign substance was not paint thinner, but rather line paint used in the field and for touching up bases.

The police department says they are investigating two minors in regards to tampering with the water cooler.

“The Lindsborg Police Department has identified two male minors as being involved in this incident and is continuing to investigate the matter.”

Press release – Water cooler incident

It’s pretty hard to imagine a team trying to cause serious health issues to an opponent, so it’s good to see that Kansas Wesleyan and Bethany seem innocent in this situation. The police will continue to investigate, but it’s great to hear that it wasn’t some stupid prank from an opposing team.

We will keep you informed if new developments arise.

Harry D. Gonzalez