Legend of Zelda PC port makes Link to the Past playable on PC, legally

There’s a new Legend of Zelda PC port, and while it’s not an official Nintendo PC release, playing the classic RPG game on your computer is still legal – most of the time. The Zelda PC port in question is A Link to the Past, first released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, re-released several times through Nintendo’s Virtual Console and online offerings, and, as always with Nintendo games , locked to Nintendo systems only. GitHub user snesrev has reverse-engineered A Link to the Past, also known as Zelda 3, and created a native PC port of the game that’s completely playable – as long as you have the ROM yourself. .

How you get this ROM is up to you, but once you use it to extract mod resources, you don’t need to keep it. Snesrev said the Link to the Past PC port supports snapshots, playable and saved configurations, and point-in-time captured states, and there’s a small suite of commands you can use to modify the game. Notable are a turbo mode, which snesrav says should work in any snapshot, as well as pre-included snapshots of specific dungeons, and a command that allows you to instantly refill your magicka and health meters.

The big draw here is obviously being able to play A Link to the Past on PC, but there’s plenty of room here to tinker with the game, figure out how it works, and, of course, tweak it. Since the files reside on your computer, you are technically free to mod the game as you see fit.

You can check it yourself on GitHub.

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Harry D. Gonzalez