Linking EPIC with Aadhaar: CEO of Arunachal to voters

Itanagar, Aug 4 (UNI) The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Arunachal Pradesh, Padmini Singla, on Thursday called on voters in the state to link their Voter Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) to Aadhaar numbers to a “clean and transparent” electoral list.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has launched a nationwide campaign to link voter identity (ID) cards to Aadhaar numbers, the CEO has said while briefing the media on the poll panel’s latest initiative at Nirvachan Bhawan here.

In line with the ECI, the Voter ID and Aadhaar Linkage Reader will help establish the identity of voters and authenticate voter registrations, thereby preventing duplicate entries in the E-roll.

To link Aadhaar numbers to voter roll data, ECI has introduced “Form 6B” for submission of Aadhaar numbers by an existing voter. Form 6B can be submitted through the online method (through the National Voter Services Portal –, the Voter Helpline) as well as the offline method (at BLO, ERO, AERO), a- she declared.

The CEO also informed that “special” camps would be held every Sunday of the month in each district where one can submit the 6B form offline or get the things cleared or know the process on how to link their ID cards. voter ID to Aadhaar numbers.

She however stated that providing the Aadhaar number is purely voluntary while adding that “the purpose of obtaining the Aadhaar number is to authenticate the registrations of voters on the voters list and to extend electoral services to them in the future “.

The Director General also informed that the ECI has provided that young people over the age of 17 can now apply in advance to be registered on the electoral list and do not necessarily have to wait for the prior criterion of having reached the age of 18 on January 1 of a year.

“ECI asked CEOs/EROs/AEROs in all states to find technology solutions for young people to file their early applications with reference to three future qualifying dates, namely April 1, July 1 and October 1 and not just January 1. From now on, the voters list will be updated quarterly and eligible young people can be registered in the next quarter of the year in which they turn 18. After s’ be registered, they will be issued an Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC),” she said.

For the current cycle of annual revision of the voters list, 2023, any citizen who has reached the age of 18 on April 1, July 1 and October 1, 2023 can also submit a preliminary application for registration as a voter from from the date of the draft publication. of the voters list.

“In other words, advance applications can be submitted from November 9, 2022, when the draft voters list will be released,” Singla said. UNI TD SSP

Harry D. Gonzalez