Microsoft Phone Link upgrades the name, look and feel of your phone’s companion

Uninspired phone-PC bonding app gets uninspired new name

Linking your Android phone to your PC is super convenient. It reduces switching between devices and expands your workspace, making it easier to access your emails, files, and apps. It also allows you to stay connected to your social networks by keeping you updated with the latest news. So, while the connection between the phone and the computer was already quite close, Microsoft says it is ready for this relationship to evolve even more.

In an announcement, Microsoft says it is rebranding Your Phone as Phone Links, which means a new app interface with improved functionality. This change includes highlighting notifications and adding improved tabbed browsing. The tech giant also claims to have improved the setup process and that in the next Windows 11 update, setting up Phone Link will be as easy as scanning a QR code. Microsoft also saw an opportunity to update the look of the app to match Windows 11 and make it easier for customers to find the content they care about. Various design changes include more rounded corners and simplified icons.


Phone Link should be a good way for users to have a seamless phone-PC experience. By updating the app to match Windows 11, Microsoft believes users will have an even better experience with their devices. To connect your Android phone and Windows PC, see Phone Link below.

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