MultiVersus Mod Adds Legend of Zelda Link to Game List

A talented modder has just added Link from Legend of Zelda to MultiVersus, complete with his own model and voice lines.

The game hasn’t even made it out of Early Access yet and already MultiVersus has another major character addition via the modding community. Warner Bros.’ platform fighter has a passionate fanbase and is clearly ready for new characters.

That’s not to say that Player First Games doesn’t handle character exits well itself. In the open beta, players can try out Iron Giant for the first time, and it’s not the only new face either.

Yesterday we got the official release date for Rick, Morty and LeBron James in MultiVersus. And according to the leaks, it won’t be long before we get even more additions to the roster.

How to play as a link in MultiVersus
WB/junior3DM Games

But in the meantime, the modding community is more than ready to create new characters.

A new mod makes The Legend of Zelda’s Link fully playable in MultiVersus, as a Wonder Woman remodel.

The mod was created by junior3DM on Twitter and replaces the DC superhero with the hero of Hyrule. Not only does Link’s model look amazing in-game, but his moveset works well with existing Wonder Woman specials.

Thanks to Link’s shield and sword fighting style, the two characters are perfectly interchangeable. The mod’s trailer even features Link’s traditional grunts and squeals (although the creator confirms that the voice lines haven’t been replaced yet).

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Link and Batman in MultiVersus

The character can even be used online, although your opponents probably won’t see the modified resources. And while the addition is a work in progress, it’s still amazing to see the fan-favorite Nintendo character in the game.

How to install Link Mod in MultiVersus

  • To install the Link mod in MultiVersus, something Junior insists is still in Alpha, simply download it from the mod page here.
  • Extract the file and copy the .pak it contains.
  • Then locate your MultiVersus file. It will probably be in your files as ‘SteamLibrarysteamappscommonMultiVersusMultiVersus’
  • In the content file, open Paks.
  • Create a new folder in Paks called ‘~mods’.
  • Paste your downloaded .pak file here.
  • So start the game!

In order for Link to look correct in-game, players will need to turn off team colors. Otherwise, you might see a preview ruin Link’s model in the menu and in-game.

Once you’re done, be sure to check out more mods including Goku, Minecraft Steve, and Undertale’s Sans in MultiVersus here!

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But big nerfs are already coming to one of MultiVersus’ best characters…

Harry D. Gonzalez