NASIMS Biometric Software Link Portal (Nasims Batch C Stream 2)

NASIMS Biometric Software Link Portal (Nasims Batch C Stream 2)

The NASIMS Biometric Software Download Link Portal

To download the biometric software, follow this link:

In addition, Nasims software is more reliable to install before installation. Before installing the biometric application, you need to install Microsoft .Net Framework. Here are the download links: – for 64-bit systems – for 32-bit systems

Latest news from the NASIMS biometric software link portal:

NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 starts today

The highly anticipated NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 begins today, in which Enpower Stream 2 volunteers can dial *45665# and follow the instructions to check if they have been shortlisted and complete the selection process. complete. USSD Code *45665# EnPower Stream 2 volunteers must have at least 100 airtime to complete the process, NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 volunteers are asked to dial

NASIMS News: Kano guber – Artisans, Alumni and Npower Beneficiaries Buy N30 Million Nomination Form for Buhari’s Ex-Assistant Sharada

NASIMS Latest News: Npower Beneficiaries, Midsize Business Owners, Friends and Alumni have expressed interest in All Progressive Congress (APC) N30 million and are buying nomination forms for Shaban Ibrahim Sharda, a former aide to President Mohamed Buhari. Participate in the Kano State government elections in 2023.

How to successfully install the app via NPower biometric software download link portal

Below are 6 steps to successfully install NPower Biometric Fingerprint Capture App:

Step 1: N-Power Batch C applicants should visit

Step 2: N-Power Batch C candidates need to download and install biometric prerequisite for 64bit or 32bit A u and U digital persona Finger Print Scanner software.

It depends on the operating system of the N-Power Batch C candidate, NPower Batch C candidates should check their computer system properties to know if their operating system is 64-bit or 32-bit.

Step 3: N-Power Batch C application needs to download and install .NET desktop runtime (please note we have .NET ASP runtime for web hosting servers and we also have .NET desktop runtime) .

If an N-Power Batch C applicator incorrectly installs the .NET ASP runtime, it will not work. Should download
It is recommended that the nPower Batch C application download the installer instead of the binaries. This will make it easier for the N-Power Batch C applicator to install the installer. The following link can be used to download the installer

Step 4: Applicant of N-Power Batch C should click on the “Install” button which is displayed after clicking on the link below

This should download a setup.exe (executable file). 8kb in size

Step 5: The N-Power Batch C applicator should “double-click” the setup.exe file and install it.
N-Power Batch C applicants should note that they must have an active internet connection before they can click on the setup.exe file. It will then connect to the NASIMS server (NPOWER) and prompt the N-Power Batch C requestor to download the offline software. Once the download is successful, the icon will appear on your desktop/laptop interface.

Step 6: The N-Power Batch C applicant should “double-click” the NASIMS icon on their desktop and login with their REQUEST ID NUMBER and PASSWORD for verification.

NASIMS 2022 Biometric Enrollment Portal

Note that these are strictly the Power Batch C candidates that have been selected for verification. If your profile has not yet been verified, do not proceed with fingerprint enrollment. To verify your profile, visit the NASIMS portal or wait for your profile to be verified.

To register for biometric capture, you need a computer to be able to log in to the 2022 registration portal via You will need to install an app if your device does not already have it.

For any inquiries regarding the NASIMS Biometrics Software Download and Registration Portal, please use the comments section

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