New Elden Ring Mod Adds Link’s Legendary Hylian Shield

Elden Ring PC players love mods, especially when they bring in armor, weapons, and shields from other games. What could be more special than the Hylian Shield from the Legend of Zelda series?

NexusMods user xdec99 has fulfilled Zelda fan wishes with a new mod that brings Link’s iconic shield to Elden Ring. While xdec99 says it can “replace any shield” in game with a bit of file renaming, it’s best used as a replacement for the Blue Crest Heater Shield – here’s where to find it if you don’t. haven’t already. This is “xdec99’s first mod”, so there are still some issues to work out. The Barricade Ashes of War shield makes the Hylian shield nearly invisible and the shield is held a bit oddly due to the hilt placement in the Zelda vs. Elden Ring games, but kudos still go to xdec99 for pulling this off. This mod joins the likes of Dragonslayer Armor from Dark Souls 3 as a great addition to Elden Ring.

Remember that Elden Ring must be played offline in order to use mods, even harmless reskins like this. You definitely don’t want anyone fiddling with the game code when you’re trying to invade or play co-op with others – the worst game hack would still happen to some players.

Harry D. Gonzalez