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Since they opened, the island team has done a mission to Toba Inlet, which would have been harder and longer from Squamish.

The program is a not-for-profit model and is supported by community donations and partnerships with major industry groups.

Among many other collaborations, TEAAM has worked with the BC Truck Loggers Association, the City of Campbell River and the Regional District of Strathcona to make the Island Base a reality.

The service aims to provide life-saving care to those working in dangerous jobs in the island’s wilderness.

“We have identified that there is a large gap in pre-hospital care in British Columbia, particularly as it relates to remote and rugged locations…as it relates to remote work sites such as logging sites, mountain guides, power line projects and that sort of thing,” Randell said.

He estimates their service gets someone out of the bush and into hospital 10 times faster than driving the person to a waiting ambulance.

TEAAM teams, made up of doctors and paramedics, can also provide immediate on-site care.

“We can go to any terrain and provide advanced care and intensive care, and then from that difficult terrain we transport directly to the most appropriate hospital.”

Currently, professionals are paid on an availability model and are only paid when called on assignment.

Randell said he wanted to grow the organization to support a dozen full-time positions in the Campbell River area.

–with files from Jon de Roo, 97.3 FM The Eagle

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