Oculus Quest devices not connecting to PC via Air Link or Cable Link

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Oculus Quest devices are Oculus’ most affordable VR headsets. They also have the advantage of integrating all the necessary hardware into a single product.

There are currently two generations in the lineup: Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2. Both receive constant support from Meta (formerly Facebook) with updates and new content.

However, over the past few days, Oculus Quest devices have been experiencing performance and functionality issues.

Currently, many Oculus Quest users are experiencing an issue where their devices are not connecting to their PC via Air Link or Cable Link.

Oculus Quest VR headsets do not connect to PC via Air Link

Oculus Quest devices allow you to connect to more powerful hardware to enjoy next-gen VR games using the “mirror” method. That is, to receive the image from the most capable device, wired and wireless.

For this, VR headsets offer Air Link or Cable Link functionality. However, according to multiple reports, many Oculus Quest devices cannot connect wirelessly via Air Link.


air link quest 2

I am trying to pair my Quest 2 to my computer but every time I try my headset goes black then goes back to standalone mode and my computer just says unable to fit headset please connect headset . I also have to restart my pc to try again to pair my headset

Q2 Air Link cannot find PC when connected to PC Hotspot

So this problem appeared a few days ago, before that it wouldn’t log any problem. When I connect it to PC via hotspot on Android phone, it works fine, but I don’t get internet that way. Idk if an update is screwing it up or what, but I’ve tried reinstalling/repairing the PC app to no avail.

Oculus Quest Cable Link feature not working properly either

Not only Air Link connectivity functionality is affected by the issue. Even the “Cable Link” function of Oculus Quest devices does not work properly, not allowing connection with a more powerful device.


Cable Link no longer connects HELP

I used to easily connect my Quest2 to my laptop, but now it doesn’t work.
The oculus app on my pc doesn’t recognize it and the quest “connect to pc” popup doesn’t appear.
I can connect over air link, but my rooter is not fast enough so it is lagging.

Air Link will not work! I have tried almost everything!

Hey, I’ve tried pretty much everything to get the Oculus Quest 2 wireless air link to work. I have games on Steam that I really want to play and I can’t connect my Quest 2 to my computer at all. I tried the task manager method, I tried the wired connection.

In some cases, connection via Cable Link is possible, but many disconnections occur during use. So currently the feature is pretty much unusable for many.


The v41 update could be the cause of the connectivity issues

In June, Oculus Quest devices received the v41 update. However, it ran into some performance issues, as we recently reported.

Multiple reports of the connectivity issue confirm that affected users have updated their Oculus Quest devices to the latest v41. So, it is possible that connectivity issues are another consequence of the update.


i am running
Oculus App Version (
Gforce Game Ready Driver Version 516.59

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue from the Oculus team yet. We’ll update this story once new related details emerge.

Update 1 (July 7)

6:37 p.m. (IST): Some Oculus Quest users may use the Cable link connection, but they get pixelated and blurry graphics which makes the feature unusable at the moment.


Update 2 (July 18)

6:32 p.m. (IST): The Oculus support team has started asking users affected by the issue for feedback to begin investigating and working on a fix.

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