Open any link and decide at browser time to…

just as it sounds, with Browsersaurus you can decide with which browser to open a link of a webpage. If you already have a default browser but at the last minute you don’t want to open a page with this browser, change it and decide with this trick.

Do you have multiple browsers? Browsersaurus is for you

A very useful tool for any Internet user with multiple browsers installed on Mac. For developers, researchers and users who depend 100% on web pages to carry out their daily work. Browsersaurus will act as the new default browser. Clicking on any link will bring up a menu showing the web browsers available to open the page.

If you are one of those people who copy and paste links in different browsers, with Browsersaurus, you’ll avoid doing that for the rest of your days on the Internet. Even better, it’s a free option thanks to the developer who shared this idea on Github.

Let’s see what is the process to install it now on your Mac

A few clicks to decide whether to open one or more pages

As we mentioned earlier, Browsersaurus will act as the default browser. If you just want to try this feature, don’t worry, you can choose Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. as an ideal navigator later.

  • The first thing is to download the application here on Github
  • Depending on your architecture (ARM or x64) you will have to click on the corresponding download
  • It’s a quick process, just unzip the file, open the app and set Browsersaurus to be your new default browser. You can donate to the developer or donate later.
  • Now click on a Notes link, to cite an example, and check the magic

Works for (almost) all browsers and apps that handle URLs

It doesn’t matter which browser or application you are viewing the URL from, Browsersaurus makes everything easier. If you use 2, 3 or more browsers, with this utility you will be able to open web pages at the moment without having to copy and paste the addresses themselves in different browsers.

Remember that if you want to return to normal, you must reconfigure the browser you had by default. You can do this in System Preferences in the General section.

Did you like how this app works? Did you already know her? Tell us in the comment box what you think of Browsersaurus. Don’t forget that at iOSMac we tell you about the latest Apple news, opinion pieces, tutorials and tips (like this one), compilations, analysis and much more.

Harry D. Gonzalez