Opera Launches Web3 Browser to Allow Users to Seamlessly Link Crypto Wallets to Blockchain Services

Opera, the team behind the popular cross-platform browser, has now unveiled a new browser project the company has dubbed “Crypto Browser Project”, aimed at giving users direct access to Web3 services with beta versions already rolled out. for Windows, Mac and Android. . With the Crypto Browser Project, Opera intends to make it easier for crypto natives, as well as relative newbies, to navigate decentralized applications (dApps), access blockchain games and metaverse portals in a more seamlessly across platforms and devices.

The new beta offer of Opera places Web3 at the center of the browsing experience. The browser is equipped with a news and data aggregator, dubbed “Crypto Corner” – a dedicated area containing key information including crypto news, crypto asset prices and gas charges, in addition to crypto events, airdrops and even podcasts.

“The Opera Crypto Browser project is not just about surfing traditional websites through a single solution,” Opera said in its announcement. “It is specially designed to work with a variety of decentralized applicationsor dApps, as well as deeper functionality than a traditional browser with a basic web wallet add-on.

Browsers have been a major way for people to access crypto and web3 using wallet extensions that provide access to dApps. One of the most popular wallets is MetaMask, which provides access to dApps based on the Ethereum blockchain directly from many browsers. In 2021, MetaMask had more than 10 millions monthly active users and has become the leading non-custodial wallet for users around the world.

But this isn’t Opera’s first attempt at a service that caters to crypto users. In 2018 Opera started its crypto journey with an integrated wallet, since then the company has continued to integrate support for other Web3 technologies. With the wallet, users can interact with the Ethereum blockchain and dApps.

Since then, Opera has added integrations with Bitcoin, decentralized domain name service “Unstoppable Domains”, as well as crypto platforms Celo and Nevros. The company also announced partnerships with Near Layer 2 protocols, Polygon and Solana.

Opera is also well known for its privacy and security features, which are also built into the browser, such as a free no-log virtual private network service, a native ad blocker, and a tracker blocker. Users can also use a secure clipboard built right into the browser that will allow them to copy and paste securely without leaking information.

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Harry D. Gonzalez