The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has always been a fan favorite because the game stands out. It is one of the few games in the series that does not take place in the Kingdom of Hyrule. It is also distinguished by the fact that other than a quick mention of the name, Zelda does not appear anywhere in the game.

However, what appears in Link’s Awakening There are a lot of interesting characters, a fantastic array of bosses, and tons of interesting optional content. One of the main entries for optional content is the collection of chamber stones. There are 14 chamber stones to find in Link’s Awakening. These can be given to Dampe, who will use them to create new chambers and effects panels in the Chamber Dungeon, providing the player with even more exciting areas to explore. Here we will see where to find the Chamber Stones and the conditions for obtaining them.

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5 Trendy game

Trendy Game Heart Pieces in Link's Awakening

Once Link finishes the Maw of the Catfish and walks over to Mabé village, he can get started in the collection. 2 chamber stones can be won in the trending game. This is a game where the player manipulates a claw to grab different objects on a moving platform. The game location is in the lower right corner of Mabe Village.

The first of these chamber stones appears in the game only after you unlock and beat the fifth dungeon, Catfish’s Maw. The second appears when once the player has collected all 10 miniatures. A new figure is added to the Trendy Game after each dungeon and after beating the final boss.


4 Fishing pond

Link's Awakening

Now is the time for Link to put his fishing skills to the test. The next 2 chamber stones can be found at the fishing pond in the northernmost part of the village of Mabe. In order to collect these 2 stones, Link must not only play the fishing game but also catch 2 big cyan colored fish called “Ol ‘Baron”. Since it takes a bit of skill to land the biggest fish in this mini-game, it is recommended that the player occasionally visit the fishing pond at the start of the game to hone their skills.

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The old barons only appear in the Fishing Pond after beating the sixth dungeon, Face Shrine. Link can get the first chamber stone by catching an old baron. Then he can get the second by catching a much bigger Ol ‘Baron. This second fish is huge. So prepare for battle.

3 Mansion with seashells

Piece of seashell mansion heart in Link's Awakening

The shell mansion is located in Ukuku Prairie. It is easy to spot because it looks like a giant seashell. Link can get 2 chamber stones in the mansion as a reward for finding and returning the seashells. These take a bit of time to acquire due to the number of shells required. However, they are certainly not the most time-consuming collectibles in the world. Zelda series.

He will get the first one once he surrenders 30 secret seashells. However, Link will not receive the Second Chamber Stone until he has returned all 50 of the secret seashells, the maximum number found in the game.

2 Raft Shop

Link's Awakening Raft Shop

The player will be able to find the Raft Shop just east of the Angler tunnel. Once there, a single Chamber Stone is Link’s reward for completing the “Rapids Race” mini-game. However, it is not enough to finish the race. To earn the stone, Link must complete the mini-game in 30 seconds or less.

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It is not possible to travel the course so fast just by riding the currents. It requires extremely liberal and skillful uses of the Hookshot to be successful. Using the grappling hook, the player can move Link and his raft at a much faster rate. and make normally slow turns much faster. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete this mini-game and earns the Chamber Stone.

Heart Piece Tool Shop in Link's Awakening

This is where the biggest gains can be made. A total of 7 Chamber Stones can be purchased or stolen from Town Tool Shop located east of the weather vane in the village of Mabe. The stones can be purchased here for 1,280 rupees each.

If the player wishes to purchase all of these, the two best ways to earn rubies are by building specially designed chamber dungeons to give a lot of rubies or by going through the “Rapid Raid” mini-game. This version of the minigame costs Rs 100 per race, but Link will easily benefit from each of those races, as there is a ton of red rupees spread throughout it.

The link can also get the 7 chamber stones by stealing them in the shop. While the developers have made stone theft much harder to do in the new version of the game than in the original, it’s not impossible. However, if the player decides to steal them, be warned. If Link is successful in stealing anything from the shop, all characters will call him “THIEF!” for the rest of the game. (The player’s file name will not change.) Additionally, if Link enters the store again, the cashier kills him, making it impossible to receive the ending bonus after viewing the credits.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is now available for the Switch.

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