The link between the use of public transport and the first cases of Covid

According to the researchers, having more accurate models also takes into account different human behaviors. Just as people in Wuhan expect public transportation differently than here in America, cities can differ from each other.

“Your pandemic is different from your neighbor’s,” Mohammadi said. “The spread of the pandemic is not the same from one city to another, nor is the traffic. Decision makers often look to other communities to see how they respond to shape their actions. It’s not always accurate. Models must be customizable because populations do not react uniformly. Our goal is to improve decision-making to be easier, faster and more accurate for the next pandemic.

QUOTE: Thomas, M., Mohammadi, N., Taylor, J. Investigation of the association between adoption of public transportation and COVID-19 infections in US metropolitan areas. Total Environmental Science Vol 811, 152284 (2022).

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Harry D. Gonzalez