Tool allows Oculus Link to load directly into SteamVR

An open source tool called OculusKiller loads Oculus Link directly into SteamVR, disabling Oculus Dash.

The tool, available on GitHub, was developed by software engineer ItsKaitlyn03. You might recognize the name – earlier this month Kaitlyn found a code referring to the ‘VR Air Bridge’ accessory for the Quest 2 VR Wireless PC (the relevant manual was leaked last week) . You might also find the name OculusKiller familiar – there’s actually another tool with the same name on GitHub, although it’s used for a different reason; Forcibly terminate Oculus services running on your PC.

OculusKiller replaces that Oculus Dash UI with a SteamVR autoloader

Technically, Kaitlyn’s OculusKiller is an executable that replaces the Oculus Dash executable with a simple SteamVR loader. You still need the Oculus PC app open, but you no longer get the Oculus PC interface in VR. If you use Oculus Link but only buy your VR content on Steam – ie. you’re not using content from the Oculus Store – it’s a way to make jumping into PC VR faster and more convenient.

Kaitlyn claims that the absence of Oculus Dash will “dramatically increase performance” as it takes up “200MB of memory + GPU even when not in use”. There is a catch though – there is no way to quit SteamVR from inside VR, as when it closes it will just automatically relaunch. You need to remove the headset and close the Oculus app on your PC, which will also close SteamVR.

Of course, if you use wireless Air Link, you can also buy Virtual Desktop, which itself bypasses the Oculus Dash UI and has a one-click Launch SteamVR button. OculusKiller seems more suitable for those opting for a wired USB connection.

To install OculusKiller, just follow the instructions on GitHub – rename your existing OculusDash.exe to something like OculusDash.exe.bak and paste the replacement OculusDash.exe. To recover Dash, simply delete the new file and rename the old one back to OculusDash.exe.

Harry D. Gonzalez