WhatsApp has a rich link preview for your status bar in the works (for Android and iOS)

WhatsApp recently hit the gas with updates and released several long-awaited features not too long ago. However, no one said that the work on the new features should now stop, given that we finally have reactions to the messages in WhatsApp. SamMobile reports that a useful new feature is also in the works, discovered recently.

WhatsApp is working on getting rich links in your status on Android, iOS and desktop

our beloved WABetaInfo, which uncovers many features that the Meta-powered company is preparing for us, has now released a useful status bar enhancement in WhatsApp. The feature is still under development, so it is not yet officially released for WhatsApp users. However, it can be very useful: it would allow you to post rich links in your WhatsApp status bar.

Currently, the status bar only displays the normal link if you decide to include the link to your website, for example, in your status bar on iOS. When this change becomes official, the link will be able to be previewed in the app itself, and with that, you know, attract more people to click on it (and provide information to people looking at it anyway).

This screenshot shows what the new feature will look like on WhatsApp for iOS. On the other hand, Android users have been able to enjoy link previews in their WhatsApp status bar for a while, but the new feature will make it even better.

Keep in mind that the feature we are talking about here is still only under development, so it has not yet been released for beta testers. You might know this, but in case you’re curious, here’s how these things usually progress. First, a new feature is offered to beta testers for finding (and hopefully fixing) annoying bugs or unexpected behavior before it’s pushed out to normal users. And then, after a few months of testing, it is made available to regular users.

So far, we have no information on when this feature will be officially released in an update, but it should arrive in a future update.

Here are some other recent updates that make WhatsApp even better

As we have already mentioned above, WhatsApp has bet on updates, enriching the chat experience for its users. Let’s take a quick recap of the most exciting features the company has rolled out and is working on for the popular instant messaging app.

Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out a big update that has brought its 2 billion users greater file sharing, bigger groups, and much-needed emoji reactions to messages. Now, with this new update, you can share up to 2 GB of files (protected by end-to-end encryption). This, in fact, is a massive change – you know, before this, attachments were limited to 100MB!

And for WhatsApp groups, the number of possible participants has been doubled with this recent update. Previously, groups were limited to 256 people, and now 512 people can join a WhatsApp group.

As for upcoming features, we recently reported on a chat filter feature that WhatsApp is currently testing for non-work accounts. This feature is available for business accounts now and allows you to customize the chats displayed according to your preferences. And with a future update, even non-business WhatsApp accounts (i.e. regular users) will get the customization option.

Keep in mind that the chat filter option currently has the same status as the status bar’s rich link preview option, which means the exact date of posting is unknown at this time. . However, once we know more, we’ll be sure to share it with you, so stay tuned!

Harry D. Gonzalez