WhatsApp launches communities; a set of features to link common groups

WhatsApp has now introduced Communities, a feature that will allow people to bring together separate groups, sharing similar interests into a single community.

A community is made up of users, adding groups with a similar theme. Community admins then manage groups by messaging everyone and controlling which groups can be included.

This way, individual conversations related to a group continue, while getting updates about all groups at the same time.


WhatsApp is also making some improvements to how individual groups work, whether or not they’re part of a community. Groups will now have emoji reactions, so people can react to a message without flooding chats with separate emoji messages.

Admins will also have the ability to delete messages in a group, which will then be erased from everyone’s handset. File sharing will get an upgrade to support up to 2 GB in file size.

And finally, one-click voice calls will support up to 32 members. Features are expected to roll out over the week to a select group of users and gradually expand to all others.

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Harry D. Gonzalez